Why Do People Vape? Here’s What Vaping Offers.

The popularity of vaping has risen over the past couple years, but why do people vape anyways? Whether it’s for your health, recreation or just to chill out, there are plenty of reasons vaping is catching on.

 You Need to Quit Smoking

 The smell, the yellowing of the fingers, the risk of lung cancer and the rising costs are all reasons smokers are feeling the squeeze to quit. Vaping can be a helpful transition tool and can replace traditional cigarettes altogether.

 With a range of fresh flavours on the market, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a vape scent that even non-vapers won’t appreciate. Plus, modern vape pods one-up cigarettes by keeping nicotine products away from the hands, so say goodbye to discoloured fingers.

 The National Academy of Sciences was also able to determine in their 2018 study that vaping is less harmful to your oral health than traditional cigarettes. Overall, vaping offers a similar sensation to smoking but with fewer health risks.

 Relaxation and Deep Breathing 

 Vaping is not just for smokers trying to kick the habit, though. The deep inhalation and controlled exhales associated with vaping mimic deep breathing relaxation exercises. This can have a calming effect.

 The pleasant scent of your favourite vape flavour and the softly dispersing clouds you exhale create a chill atmosphere after a long day at work. Plus vape pods can easily be carried in your pocket and don’t require a lighter, which means you can break out the vape anywhere.

 You Can’t Smoke Medicinal Marijuana

 For those concerned about the health impacts of inhaling smoke or who have been advised to avoid combustables, vaping Mary Jane is a great option. Unlike in the use of pipes or bongs, vaping medical marijuana doesn’t require burning or combustion.

 Though researchers have not yet confirmed that vaping is entirely risk-free, the chance of developing lung-related disorders associated with the combustion of marijuana is absent. Anyone with a medical condition such as migraines or chronic pain can use vaping to reap the benefits of marijuana without the “bite” of inhaling smoke.

 The Flavours Taste and Smell Amazing

 Admittedly, the vape flavours out on the market are pretty fabulous. What is your favourite food? Pineapple? Chocolate cake? Coke? There is probably a vape flavour for that.

 What makes vaping truly unique is the vape clouds, which have a full, rich flavour. Many vapers find the fruity or sweet tastes of vape liquids to be pleasant--unlike traditional cigarettes--and that adds to the overall enjoyment of the vaping experience.

 Vaping has a lot of perks. From creating a sense of calm to changing your habits for the better, vaping can fulfill a variety of needs. Why do you vape? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

 Making the switch to vaping?

 Check out our 5 Health Wins for E-Cigarettes.

 Did you know that as of 2019, 50 million people vape worldwide? Consumers are opting for vape pods over traditional cigarettes, and here’s why.

 Public Health England has found vaping to be at least 95 percent less harmful than smoking. The truth is, e-cigarettes cause way less damage than traditional cigarettes. Period.

 Do you have aspirations to become more physically active? To prevent cigarette odours? To unwind after work in a way that isn’t harmful?

Vaping gives you the option to take control of your lung health for the better. You can do something today to improve your health by making the switch.

 We wrote up 5 vaping wins on how vaping is posed to “generate significant health gains” for would-be smokers.

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